The #1 Mobile Dollar Wallet

Buy, Store, and Send US Dollars with Ease

mDollar is the ultimate solution for businesses and individuals looking to manage their US dollar transactions seamlessly. With our user-friendly mobile dollar wallet, you can effortlessly buy and store US dollars using your local currency, send money to other mDollar users, and conduct fast and affordable international transfers. Join us today and experience the convenience of a secure and efficient dollar wallet.

#1 Mobile Wallet
Trusted by over 1500 companies across the world
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Powerful Benefits for Enhanced Financial Management

Discover the Benefits of using mDollar to Streamline Your Financial Journey

Instant Account Opening

Open your mDollar account in minutes and start enjoying the benefits of a reliable mobile dollar wallet.

Buy US Dollars with Ease

Purchase US dollars using your existing mobile money platforms, such as MPESA, in your local currency.

Secure Dollar Storage

Safely store your US dollars within the mDollar wallet and access them whenever you need.

Seamless Money Transfers

Send money to other mDollar users within the platform, making transactions quick and hassle-free.

Fast and Affordable International Transfers

Transfer money across the world in a cost-effective and efficient manner, saving time and money.

Spend Anywhere in the World

Enjoy the freedom to spend their money anywhere in the world. With the mDollar Debit Card, you can conveniently make purchases online and in physical stores, withdraw cash from ATMs, and enjoy the flexibility of spending your US dollars effortlessly.

Spend Anywhere

Enjoy unlimited freedom when you transact with mDollar

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface that makes navigating and managing your mDollar account a breeze.

User Frieendly Interface
Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

Rest easy knowing that your financial information and transactions are protected by state-of-the-art security measures.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support team is always available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Customer Support
money transfers

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Access your mDollar account from anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone or tablet.

Transparent Exchange Rates

Transparent Exchange Rates

Stay informed about the latest exchange rates and make informed decisions for your dollar transactions.

Our customers say it best.

Step into the Future of USD management.

We know managing currency exchange, dealing with high fees, limited accessibility, and lack of transparency can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge technology and user-centric innovation to provide you with a seamless and revolutionary approach to handling your dollars. Take that bold step forward and redefine how you manage your USD.

Complete banking solutions

Simplifying Dollar Transactions
Step by Step


Fund Account

Feed your account from your bank, mobile wallet, or debit card and securely hold money within mDollar, a wallet you can trust.


Make mDollar to mDollar Transfer

With mDollar, sending and receiving money between mDollar users is very convenient.


International Transfers

Send money across the world from your mDollar account to Bank accounts and mobile wallets across over 100+ countries.


Send and Receive Money

Pay and get paid on the go from any bank via ACH or wire transfer. Send money to friends and family within the USA no matter what bank they use.


Pay With Your mDollar Card

Go cashless with mDollar. Spend at your favorite shops and restaurants, and make online payments with your mDollar Card.

Affordable Pricing for Dollar Management

Transparent Fees, Maximum Value

We believe in transparent pricing, and there are no hidden fees or surprises. We strive to provide you with maximum value for your dollar management needs.




Account Opening

Pricing plans

Take Control of Your Finances Today

Experience Seamless Money Management – Download the mDollar App and Take Control of Your Finances with Ease.

#1 Mobile Wallet
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